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St. Brigids River Rushes Wall Cross

St. Brigids River Rushes Wall Cross


St. Brigid is the next most beloved saint next to St. Patrick on the Emerald Isle. Her legacy of heart-felt charity and kindness are remembered, but one experience while attending a dying person gave us a cross image that's still cherished today. The person was of pagan beliefs, but asked Brigid to tell Christ's message. To illustrate the passion of Christ, St. Brigid wove the now famous cross out of river rushes that were lying on the bedroom floor. This Cross is actually made from Ireland's natural river rushes.

St. Brigid was born during the mid-fifth century.

The Irish people believe that her cross protects homes from want and evil and hang them above a doorway or window. This St. Brigid's cross measures 9" in diameter and makes a wonderful gift for anyone who is an Irish lore enthusiast or needing relief of suffering. This piece is actually made from authentic river rushes because that allows your imagination to enter St. Brigid's experience of living with heart.

St. Brigid's Cross: 9 inches in diameter; Authentic river rushes

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